Premium United Foods Sdn. Bhd.

Premium United Foods Sdn Bhd

Premium United Foods Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Inbisco Marketing & Sales Sdn Bhd), is the exclusive distributor of products manufactured by PT. Mayora Tbk. of Indonesia, a leading fast moving consumer goods producer. It has 20 distributorship offices in both Peninsula and East Malaysia, supplying to more than 10,000 retail outlets in Malaysia. Premium United Foods distributes products including Kopiko candy and coffee, Choki Choki chocolate paste, Roma Cream Crackers, Roma Coconut biscuits and Danisa Butter Cookies.

Mayora Overview

Mayora’s humble beginning began with its first biscuits baked out of a home kitchen in 1948. The business grew and Mayora Group was formally established in 1977. Since then Mayora has grown to become a recognized global company in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry. Its diverse products can be divided into eight categories: biscuit, candy, wafer, chocolate, coffee, instant food, beverage and cereal. Among its other well-known brands are Energen, Torabika, Beng Beng and many more.

Mayora’s manufacturing process is strictly monitored from production to finished goods, in accordance with national and international standards of quality has led to numerous recognition, certification and awards by various organizations and publications.

Today, Mayora employs more than 30,000 employees and distributes its products to more than 90 countries around the world. With its global presence worldwide, Mayora continues to strive in serving goodness and happiness to consumers, building on its large consumer base.

Our Values

Our work is underpinned by the Seven Fundamental Principles of Mayora Group, which is divided into two parts, that is Key Success Factors and Daily Working Values.

Key Success Factors

The Key Success Factors will guide our business decisions to continuously building life-long relationships with customers and consistently offer our best buy for their needs.


We believe in making products that are of the highest quality and add value to our consumers' lives. No compromises are made in ensuring that our consumers only receive the best. We take pride in answering our consumers' needs through our products.


Efficiency is at the core of our working value. It is a continuous process that aids in delivering the best value for money for our consumers, and also to remain organizing all our industrial assets for maximum productivity.


Without innovation, there will be no progress or breakthrough. We are constantly listening to our consumers and creating products & processes that answers their needs in ways that just keep on getting better and better.

Everyday Working Values

This part is our daily working values that will be key to our culture and guidance to behave, decide and act.


Passion, hard work, and persistence is in our blood. We utilize various innovative means to ensure continuous improvement in doing what we love to do every day: delivering excellence.


We also believe in working smart, versatility, clarity, agility and pragmatism is the key to planning and acting efficiently. We encourage our employees to have respect not only for others but also for themselves, and to mutually build and inspire others in their environment.


We understand that trust has to be earned, and it is reflected in our expectation for our employees to work and behave responsibly. This is achieved through daily evaluation of achievement and productivity, as well as encouraging proactive problem solving behaviour.


We work with confidence and view challenges as stepping stones to improvement. We dare to dream and to inspire our environment.

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